Beating The Clutter In The Hotel Industry

Gone are the days where hotels were only for the rich. Now we have economic hotels, budget hotel, villas and the list goes on making them accessible to everyone. Also, gone are the days hotels were mainly marketed through traditional media and traditional corporate communications. Day by day, minute by minute new hotels are being added to the chain of hotels worldwide making a wide variety for customers to choose one from, but punching all hotels on face with severe rivalry. All of these hotels use advertising- May it is on traditional media and also on social media and now the question hotels are having is how can they stand out? Read on – we have answers with us! Of course yes, promotional efforts are needed to any hotel. Hotels need to have their brand presence and awareness among their target crowd and this is where the public relations become important to this industry than to any other industry on earth. If you are someone owning a hotel and wondering what this could be, we recommend you to consult a hospitality PR agency for this purpose. Yes, you will have t invest a little on getting such an agency hired, but guess what, you will not regret it. Link here offer a hospitality PR that will give you a best results.

Here are some important facts about hotel PR aspect, you never knew about.

This is strategic planning

Hotel industry is one such which is heavily dependent on consumer spending patterns and travel patterns. So, the demands are seasonal and quite predictable under normal circumstances. Getting a PR in to strategic planning will help hotels to plan their marketing activities during the non-prime seasons especially. For example, a PR strategist can sometimes suggest having the brand presence at an exhibition hosted by some travel company during the demand is less. This is a sales promotion activity, and very much effective than advertising an offer on TV or over the radio about a special offer.

PR is the best for a crisis management condition

You will need the support of your brand PR agency when things go terribly wrong. Hotel industry is one such where one negative comment could ruin all your demand just in seconds. With social media reviewing and ratings, the case is even worse. But, let the agency handle the crisis. They know strategies to overcome problems like this in a very gentle way and basically to convert all negative comments to good ones. They do this in a very subtle way that even the customer after a little while forgets why they were not in good hooks with the hotel in the first place.