See Outside Without Opening The Window.

This has been examined and observed that people are now slightly getting old fashioned, trying to adapt old things and getting satisfaction in it for example: recently people started to wear bell bottoms, these days huge glares are taking their place, huge cards instead of compact and fuel efficient cars and there are so many other examples. Anyways, if we focus on room decoration this is interesting to find big windows (French windows or glass windows), wooden interior and so on. This brings us to the discussion of a product known as ‘plantation shuttering’. Have you seen that usually white rectangle shape wooden windows? With small gaps in between? That’s what we call a shutter. 

Things are pretty easy these days, shutters are used for ease. Now there is no need to open that huge window door outside or inside (for which one needs enough space). Shutter is the new thing, usually 1 1/3 inch shutter combined with a ¾ thickness of frame, there are some countries which call shuttering ‘café height’ because, it is optional one can easily get a shutter of a door size. Broadly there are two categories of shutter, one is called traditional shutter and the other one is called a plantation shutter. The basic difference is that, traditional shutter is convenient to use for small windows.  Plantation shutter is something which can be installed on a window (a white cover over the window) and possess small rectangular gaps which can be closed with a wooden lever beside the shutter and can be opened likewise. This gives complete control over sunlight and air injection in the room. Back in 50’s when in California the houses were humungous and windows were extremely wide and huge, residents usually wanted to see outside the window (since it was quite heavy to open and close the windows time and again), they used the plantation shuttering (from which they can see outside without even opening the window). 

Usually people prefer to curtain all the windows of the house right? With plantation shutter there is no need to curtain, this wooden packet around the window provides complete decoration itself. White is color makes it even more prominent and catchy, open shutters provide decorated sunlight and fine fresh air inside the room, with minimum entrance of dust. Easily washable and cleanable, there are so many issues with curtains and roller blinds in Sydney, but in plantation shutter things are so simple and the mechanism is so easy to understand, that there is no chance of damage or malfunction. Generically the approx. cost of plantation shuttering is $18 to $20 per square foot depends on the size (which is not that expensive for such utility). Wooden shutters are a bit pricy like $ 200 to $ 250 per window whereas composite ones are reasonably priced. blind-roller